What happened to Shoe Fortnight you might ask? It's still on. It's just becoming more protracted than one anticipated.

The Pierre Triptych.

One of the key protagonists of sophisticated shoe nuance and Mistress of 'Dandy on the D-Low' is Berluti. Olga Berluti (click). Not gonna bang on about her at length now, but am gonna post the 'Pierre Triptych'. Three styles of Pierre but with different accents for different times of the day. Or mood. Or anything. Beautiful shoes, technically Oxfords, but mainly just beautiful.


Olga collaborated and made shoes with some pretty significant men last century. Picasso, Frank Sinatra, Andy Warhol. She and Andy came up with these loafers. They're a modern classic. The new versions are extremely fanciable in a mix of canvas and leather trim. That's it for now. I've gotta go to Basel for the watch fair in the early hours of this morning. Probably  no postage from there. Or shoes updates. Nought. Or, maybe I'll work out how to remote post, but if not...I leave you with Andy's loafer legacy.

TS off.

PS. I've got a friend....

..who only wears Andys now. He'll be in Basel. The flash Basel-tard.

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