Sartorial poser of the morning is how to dress up to the nines when the do is at one? Going to a lunch thing that's to be shot as part of a fashion campaign. The style direction is Rat Pack-esque super sharp attitude for all attendees in the prevailing style of the house. I couldn't possibly reveal which designer yet, but its signature slim, pared-down ethos is defining one end of mens suiting style these. It's worn by men who emjoy a Rat Pack verve, cut and styled for the present day. It's subtle but it's potent. The roll call of style mongers is formidable, so a decent turn out is essential.

Dean suggests getting the night bus, again.

Now here's my problem. How does one get self to the Soho venue in appropriate style using one's Oyster card? My instincts tell me black tie on the 55 at noon is a certain recipe for some sort of incident. Why not get a cab? Sometimes the front of the bus at lunchtime is the only place to be. There's something very earthing about making TFL work efficiently on your side, no? So mission this morning is to cunningly subvert the evening suit look while keeping the essence of look. Tricky but do-able. Have dark grey crocodile skin Oyster Card holder already picked out. So far so good..

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