Formal shirt and Dad cords worn with trainers in casual manner.

Collars: Too much too young.

Prince William went to Mosimann's private dining club with his bird Kate on Sunday wearing Asics Onitsuka Tiger 'Mexico 66' trainers, much to the alarm of people who adhere to dress codes carefully. Apparently Mosimann's is very strict, but they didn't say a word. How surprising. I applaud his abuse of power by wearing a nice retro trainer in a poncey gaff,  Mexico 66s are ranking. However the rest of his ensemble earns him a booking.His formal shirt under V- neck knit is just too headmaster/old fella for a man of only 28 years. Of course he has his shirts made, probably at Turnbull&Asser like his Dad, but the collar is all wrong for a casual look. Far too starchy, too spread and too big. I know he's a prince and that, but he really should know better. Name taken, yellow card. His cords are a bit wide too. He dresses like a Dad already. Only the the pleasant colour balance of buff vs. navy keeps him from getting a straight red. William Arthur Philip Gaylord Louis Windsor, you're booked, you big gangly posh square. Good job hair loss not involved in this case. Next..

It should be noted that the American sportswear company Nike originally used Asics shoes and technology  and rebranded them. Nike's runners evolved out of Asics style and ethos. Style fact. Other facts: I race in Asics DS Racers or Magic Gel Racers, and train in Nike Vomeros.