Twinning and Dickson at the BBC

Last week went to the BBC to style Lord O'Leary for a telly trailer. Saw these two pillocks twinning in the foyer. Twin indoor TV gnomes. Pretty, pretty cool lads.

Then I met Peter Dickson who was both stylish and a laugh. He was wearing all black smart casual with a black quilted jacket and a Choppard Mille Miglia watch. Very chic look indeed. Then there's his voice. Peter suddenly summons TVs huge resonant posh announcement voice at will. Getting him to say stuff is very entertaining. In his black stealth attire and with his booming rich delivery Peter is like a cross between the Milk Tray man and someone from the Royal Shakespeare Company. I am hoping he will do the voiceover for the Style&Error Style Referee franchise that one is developing.

Dickson the voiceover man.