Twinning, tailors & finishing things

Took pal and singer song merchant David Gray to three of my fave tailors yesterday. Having become recently obsessed with blokes who do twinning, we accidentally turned up dressed almost identically, Dagnabbit.

Twice as rude.

Black roll necks, stubble, same hair, different coats but same colour: DG a fawn short Burbs trench, me a short DAKS camel covert coat. Add dark pants and two pairs of Ferragamo loafers and you have joke twinners. We look like mod versions of the baddies in Home Alone. Pillocks.  Should have got a picture. Didn't.

We ordered RAKE made to measure, Thom Sweeney bespoke three piece action and possibly a Hayward suit too. Will regale of details when of half a mind. Took a whole day. Everything else on hold. Happens a lot. Can get one into trouble sometimes when it does. Forget to make personal calls and keep tabs on people. Helps being single, but sometimes one can be too single.

When all done and was suddenly in possession of time and need of a drink, bolted for my default plot in Soho. Fernandez & Wells on Lexington (click).

Fernandez and Wells. Slow food, faster wine.

It was here I planned to finish a brilliant book I've been reading. London Fields by Martin Amis. The location of the final reading of a book is crucial. Get it right and it stays for ever. It's like additional art direction. I'm a slow reader and a fast drinker. Five glasses of Chablis later and I hadn't finished. I had spent a long time thinking about the friend I used to see in F&W all the time however. They didn't walk in. They probably won't again. I kept looking though. Didn't finish the book, but think have managed to finish the friendship. Worked too much, thought almost not at all. Quite bad.

Am casting for another location to finish book in, although plan to keep white wine vigil at F&W when I can. One never knows.