It's very sunny. I'm just popping down the farmacia. In a suit. To get a big parcel .

A cunning Plein.

Working when it's hot is sometimes unavoidable. Wearing tailoring in the heat can function. The Italians do it all the time. In London things don't flow quite as smoothly when the sun comes out. Mostly it's best not to even look at the lunchtime drinkers with their ties and jackets off, shirts bagging out, shoes curling upwards. Something should be done. Even the suit 'dressers' out there are getting shoes wrong. Light tan shoes with dark suits are quite bad. As a tonic, today I propose a bespoke Billionare Couture silk and mohair mix suit in light fawn, with quite large lapels, teamed with Ferragamo ostrich correspondent brogues, Oliver Goldsmith Strand bins in tortoiseshell, shirt and watch TBC. You can tell I've got loads to do, right?

In short, its hot.

Bespoke procrastination projections are the way forward. I'm totally immersed in my outfit fantasy now. Fashion is all about fantasy. Am in fact sat in my Orlebars (click) in the garden, 'working'.

Stubbs out in The Purple Noon (click)