Really am gonna wrap this shoe thing up by end of week, I promise. Filed my shoe-thesis to the FT HTSI, and I now hold the secrets of the most stylish shoes on the planet. Well, most of them. Gotta get this stuff off my chest, then on to watches. This lot do delightful shoes. They're a tad underrated , as no one really bangs on about them at length. Yeah? Watch this. I give you JM Weston, from France of all places, (click).


Oxford Wingtip from Aston line.

JM Weston are in the top flight. They're Champions League material. The staff are pretty smart too. Two French girls tweaked and trimmed my knowledge of terminology and classification the other day during my visit to the shop on Burlington Gardens. Marion and Anais know their shoes, make no mistake.

The Ashton above is my favourite, but I don't own a pair. Instead I selflessly procured some for my client Lord O'Leary. He wears them on the telly. 'People' write in saying why does Dermot wear purple shoes? Philistines. He just called this minute and I quote, "along vith my Cleverleys, they are zi most comfortable and stylish shoes I have ever varn", he said.

Oxford 'Graphic' line.

It really is all about the Oxford right now. Marion and Anais were particularly clear about what defines an Oxford. It is the two parallel pieces of leather that carry the eyelets meeting another seam at right angles and remaining closed, as opposed to splaying out like with a Derby. The way they say Derby is very charming. As is the way they say Claridge, a new line for this year with a slightly snub snout. Note these fellas are a Derby.

Derby from the 'Claridge' line.

I could go on all day posting these shoes up. I won't though, as have all manner of stuff pending.

The Monk from the 'Graphic' line

They just slipped through. I gotta stop now, really... so busy... really busy..

Oxfords from 'The Claridge' line

And for those who venture there's not enough black shoes on this site, here's their new Oxfords. Is that enough to satisfy your shoe lust Ferragamo (Bryan, not Salvatore), or will I never be rid of you?

Stubbs  under it

(The cosh, not the duvet)