I found the Associate Editor of GQ roaming the streets of Mayfair  on his perpetual quest for style, luxury and superior banter. A 'master melder' of classic and contemporary, Johnston is channelling all sorts here. Despite what he calls it, his look is in fact Luxury Euro Preppy, in a way. Robert is also GQ's Style Shrink (click).


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-Charvet woven tie. Their web site is just plain odd, but when you do the best ties and shirts in the world, and you're French, you can do what you like on line.

-Fay sports jacket. A relaxed patch pocket style piece from the urban lifestyle brand that's part of the Tod's group. Ideal for posing about in town looking 'sporty' .

Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 07.35.26
Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 07.35.26

-Rolex Submariner Date Just in yellow gold. We didn't discuss it, but you catch a glimpse. The heavyweight kettle sets off his signet rather well, don't ya think?

-Louis Vuitton monk shoe. We're all loving Louis shoes right now. Well, Robert and I at least. Can't find the actual pair. Dagnabbit.

-Gap skinny jeans. Pretty skinny Bobby, pretty skinny. There's a lot of it about mind.

-J Crew shirt.

-New & Lingwood belt.

-Burlington almonds.

Couldn't find still life this morning and got to go out and do 'Style Butlering' now. Apologies, but will get on it like vomit.

Name the song, win a prize. The clue is in the accessories, the bag and the box behind. The prize is Bobby's pochette, (steady at the back, I mean his pocket square).

TS out.