Am dying the never ending virtual vs. actual work deadline death again. Not your problem I realise, but real world work making it awfully difficult to keep posting, so do excuse. It's mainly watch editorial right now, plus more Style Consigliere work today with him off the telly, so maybe might get something interesting to post from that. Until then would you be appeased with a couple of watches I wonder? Maybe combining two is way forward.

Bremont U2 - 'Stealth Macho'.

Am 'consigliering' that this test pilot watch by Bremont is the way forward for my boy. It is too. Isnt it menacing ? Tested to buggery by the brothers English who founded Bremont (click) by persistently ejecting through the cockpit canopies of their U2 stealth planes at regular intervals. Good job there is two of 'em. This baby can take all sorts with magnetic Faraday cage and anti shock mounting developed by Bremont. Wish I had a Faraday cage. I'd keep birds in it. Check the site as this is a really mental brand in its early years, embracing a brilliant, real flyers ethos. NB. The boys are proper flyers. Its in their blood.

More stuff later team? A VIDEO STANCE maybe?

TS  well under it.. the cellar, with a head mounted torch, looking for a reason and a small Bellstaff rucksack..

...and a cage.