Not mad keen to bang on about the wedding as has been well covered elsewhere. Dredged what 'best dressed' men wearing and conclude most blokes look quite bad in a morning suit. David Beckham however looked rather good.

DB channels Flynn.

In Ralph Lauren Purple label, he subverted tradition with a wing collar shirt, not technically correct, but then again he's the only one to look like Errol Flynn. The rest looked more  'works day out at races' rather than regal or remotely glamorous. Disappointing as we, the British, invented this formal caper, and yet a footballer from Leytonstone wearing an American designer looked the best. Surveying the politicians and statesmen, one finds none of these middle and upper class fellas look in very good nick. Maybe that's their problem. Not enough physical action in their lives. Not enough dressing up when they were young either perhaps?

Flynn channels DB.

Enough about this. Have a whole new roster of things for May. Am pretty bored with the standard dark suit white shirt and narrowish tie that now passes for well dressed man garb. Better than certain alternatives, but rather dull. There are legions of celebrities perpetually at it, getting credit and are in fact all dull. Shall suggest alternatives. STYLE AMNESTY will launch, perhaps with this in mind, as will  a campaign to stamp out urban flip-flops. Literally. KETTLE-HEAD regular watch posts, also more STYLE REFEREES and VIDEO STANCES.  I bet you've got sartorial wood just at the prospect, right?

For now, it's a Bank Holiday here in England. How about if I mention terrorists chic? Maybe not.

Stubbs out in garden feeding robins.