Glashutte Original (click) 'Seventies Panorama Date' £7,400.

Nice stylish, retrospective watch, ja? Digging it in the slate grey too, but zi blue is so much more racy. It's not even on their website yet, as don't think is out. Glashutte are the fascinating German watch brand that were on the east side of Berlin when it got divided into two after WWII, (hey young people, did you hear about this whole caper? Was a proper drag). They had to persevere making forward thinking watches despite being somewhat hampered by being in the Soviet Union. Bless.

Achtung! Another Glasshutte 'Seventies Panorama Date': this time is grey.

They had to solve all the horological problems the rest of the world was encountering on the outside with very little help. They just did it their way, including the styling. One can just imagine them trying to think up hipster watch styles all through the Sixties, then getting quite groovy with the design in the Seventies. NB. All their watches are not like this. This is a new foray in style for this year. The Seventies Panorama was on my top six list from The Basel anyway. Love the way the case, the shoulders and the bracelet all become one: Sexy integrated-jewellery chic, man. Far out.

TS out.

Am on deadline for other stuff - hence writing this.  I just bought a fridge too. Without even getting up. Its a black Smeg. Wanna see it?