Spent a day with 'my tailors' yesterday, (with the exception of The Viceroy of Suave - Mr Edward Sexton). Took my man Gray (STYLE STANCE to follow) to see Spencer Hart's crew (click) , The Rake boys (click) , and tailoring's answer to Butch & Sundance, Thom Whiddett & Luke Sweeney of Thom Sweeney (click) . Also a quick cup of tea at Hardy Amies (click) at the palatial No.14 on The Row, with the ever exuberant and engaging Mr. Don Rouse.

Thom and Luke relax at the weekends.

What occurred to me as we inspected the various commissions, is that each tailor is like a specialised counsellor. They stop you dropping sartorial clangers when you're experimenting or pushing things, and they add layers of experience and suggestions when trying to create. Awfully handy.

Original Style Council

Once my client had left, I tried my own newly finished Thom Sweeney creation. Frankly breath-taking. Cigar brown three piece in Italian wool/silk/linen fine hop sack, with horseshoe vest, wider lapels on a pert little jacket with roped sleeves, higher waisted pants with double pleat, (Thom thinks this was his idea. I'm not sure. Think was me), narrow pants with wide turn up (that was defo me). Thom gently steered me away from a vivid brown Nick Faulkes style herringbone and into the more subtle but delightful fabric he/we eventually chose. Thom was one hundred percent on the money. Big shout out to the style counsellor!

The young Gilbert & George relax at home.

The best bit is, when I am fielding the admiration of the suit, (and it's gonna come like a tidal wave), I will of course claim creative direction as me own. Thems the the breaks with your tailor if they're good. You give them your custom, they give you their counsel and wisdom so you end up looking really smashing . You do then walk around like an advert in their gear. Much better than actual therapy I would say. I'm dropping the new whistle today with an additional three-way debut. Blue Emmett shirt with tab collar. Mental. E.Tautz olive wool tie. The best. And Louis Vuitton crocodile lace ups. Louie Louie, sad oh baby, we gotta go.....(click). Not sure LDN is ready, but just gotta give it a go.