For deliberate double breasted on a Berlusconi Bike.

Gazing wistfully into the distance while posing Satorialist (click) veteran Luca Rubinacci looks like a bit of a pillock, no? Name taken. Luca, we'll be watching you for more mad-cap scenarios. Talking of caps, maybe a helmet might have been a positive. Or something. Had a shufty on the Sartorialist yesterday, for kicks, and there was Luca, 'On The Street' in Milan. Good to see Scott ringing the changes by including municipal transport while he shoots Luca in Italy. I'm all for bicycling while dressed up, but perhaps not stationary posturing on the Sart'. Could he not at least attempted a 'wheelie', an 'endo' or a couple of  'bunny-hops' perhaps? If we need a technicality, Luca's cuffs are too long and his shoes are too dark, so he deserved to go into the book regardless. That said 131 people have posted positive comment about Luca's look. I don't have that many followers, let alone commentators!

Meanwhile is seems the Shortarialist (click) has been pedalling round Holland and Denmark pursuing 'young ladies' also on bikes. I wonder if that looks a bit noncey? One also wonders does Scott ride a tricycle to achieve this, or has he had special Sartorialist stabilisers  fitted? Either way, I'd dearly love to follow on a third bike and film the whole thing.

Stubbs - On The Street In Clapton, London.