Flagrant abuse of date-scale protocol in broken three-piece.

Lets get one thing straight, Gandy looks great in his tailoring and denim ensemble, and its none of our business who he's dating. However if we start letting this sort of size differential go at this stage, just where is it all gonna end? George Lamb (6'5") rumping Kylie? Arnie bumming Little My from the Moomins (click) ? It's simply bad art direction of a date, and these things matter. While Mollie from the Saturdays is certainly 'cute', she is just over half his height and less than one third his critical mass. As Gandy channels Clark Kent's chest in slashed to the vest shirt (could have done with a stronger collar maybe), Mollie looks like a wee lace fairy. Totally different stories. Name goes into book. All that hanging about with the rough boys in Sicily, crushing fruit or mending fishing nets for Dolce is all well and good, but he should consider casting evening companions accordingly. A strapping fishing village lass from near Palermo for public engagements perhaps? Or make sure Mollie walks several paces in front and he stoops slightly when being papped. Dave, we're watching you.

Met Gandy during cream tea at Claridges last week and have to say he's utterly charming. Hardly touched his scones though. Maybe he'd had a big lunch. He's obviously a bit of a sort, right, but he also dresses dead well, sans stylist. He knows what drops on a man-level: none of this men in colour-blocking shite with Gandy. Classic colour palette, elegant pieces and not too trussed up. Nice work Dave, but do try and remember - size matters. Or scale rather. He left without his macaroons. Attache-cased the lot. Had crushed macaroons for breakfast. Living the dream...

TS out.

Little My in vintage Sonia Rykiel.