Snuck a swift banter with Mr. Tolera during his offal inspired art exhibition opening (click) the other night in Soho. The exhibition was quite dark, as it was outside, so it's hard to pick out details of camera shy Christos' suit, but it looked pretty damn spesh regardless. Long socks were particularly interesting as were brief histories of various accoutrements from this notorious hat specialist. Never knowingly understyled, I give you a Christos on Bateman Street...


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Screen shot 2011-05-29 at 08.04.36
Screen shot 2011-05-29 at 08.04.36

- 'Burlington' hat from Bates. I think it's this chap anyway.

-1988 bespoke Gaberdine suit by Brian Brindle, with belted and box pleated back, patch safari pockets and wide pants. Brindle's apparently an old Mod who actually invented flares. Tolera says he's great to interview. "Used to be in Marylebone. Had a great record collection of soul etc but never really got on because he had a bad stutter. He was fine until you asked about money then he would stutter for ages.. Difficult....". He's got a web site but it appears to be just a white rectangle. Odd.



Gallo sock! Christ Christos, the mind boggles, slightly.

-Watch is by H.M.T- Hindustan Machine Tools. Ditto. Don't know how can be pilot's without very big numerals, but still.

-Shoes by Pendwin, 'For Men'.

Not much more Tolera-style cross reference, mainly 'cause he's a vintage/bespoke kinda guy. Keeps one's stance exclusive for sure. Gonna post back to back VIDEO STANCES with a fella who Christos used to be in a band with. Blue Rondo a la Turk. Do you know who it is yet?

STUBBS out/sat up in bed.