Long term pal of Mr. Tolera, (see VIDEO STANCE NO.16), naturally Mr. S was in attendance at Thursday's offal-of-the-night-art show, where I nabbed a minute or so with the style merchant extraordinaire. Check his testimony for some hard (and fast) rules and sartorial opinion. Sulivan writes for various vaunted publications on style. He's been dropping seriously constructed looks since before Pontius was a pilot, and has been involved in more scenes than you could wave an ivory topped cane at. He also ran The WAG club for over a decade and still puts on stylish little bashes in town. I think I might let him do the talking.


(click names for links)

-Kilgour, French & Stanbury three piece from early 2000's, (Pre-Brandelli and pre recent take over). Kilgour has gone back to being double straight again after defining a decade of British tailoring under Carlo Brandelli. NB. Kilgour was Hitchcock's favourite tailor and North By North-West was all by the might K. It's worth reading up on whole thing if you're interested. Ritchie Charlton who made this suit is now at the re-invigorated Haywards on Mount Street.

-Emma Willis bespoke shirt with spear collars. We all love Emma who is a very well spoken and talented sort.

-Oliver Sweeney Derby shoes, or 'Smooths' as Mr. S calls them

-Lucerne vintage watch. No site to link to as Lucerne is a name used by a number of watch makers.

-Vintage Persol opticals.

Gonna get some more verbal from Mr. Sullivan to add, and am gonna interview regarding Christos Tolera and his band, Blue Rondo a la Turk. But for now, see below and..