Nabbed Mayfair's most charming man, (well, Arlington Street's at least), outside one of his favourite haunts, Le Caprice. His look is low-key for a disciple of unobtrusive yet high-lux ethos, who melds trad' Brit and contemporary style with ease.  'Stealth Sloane' concept is all Jim's own work, helping afford him passage to the best tables in the best gaffs in town. You've gotta see this guy in action - seamless.


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-Gieves & Hawkes navy jacket, part of a suit, and white shirt.

-Acne Max Cash black jeans. Not nearly tight enough in my opinion. Come on Jim, whats all this time with the personal trainer about anyway? Shrink those bad boys.


-Ralph Lauren Slim Classique watch. Massey was pretty much the first of  the 'New Slim Brigade', and this 18 crt rose gold,  5mm thin affair with guiloched face and bezel is his stiletto kettle of choice.

-DoDo charm bracelet. Not really my remit, but certain chaps swear by 'em. These Italian ones all mean something significant apparently.

Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 10.21.38
Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 10.21.38

-Berluti 'Andy' loafers. Pure signature Massey, he's completely assimilated The Andy into his smart/casual stance. He has them in every colour, including scarlet patent, puce suede and midnight blue diamante.

Expect more 'S.S.' interpretations from this operator as high summer approaches.

Stubbs out.