MR.TONY KING 21.05.11

Mr.King is an eminent music maneuverer and shaker, (with his Beatles and his Stones), but more of that when I review the Nutter do from Thursday night. He was also the first ever customer of tailoring legend Tommy Nutter, and it was at Nutters' exhibition opening that I found him. He's proudly busting a new Edward Sexton (Nutters cutter and business partner) and looks double elegant. Talk about working a look right through... I'll let Mr.K explain.


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-Prism 'Rome' navy opticals. Can't find Tony's blue ones, but Rome is the shape.

-Edward Sexton nouveau three piece suit. There's some spectacular detailing kicking off on the vest, but cant see on the film. The cut and elegant silhoutte are pretty special too.


-Hush Puppies navy suede lace ups. Cant find Tonys blue ones.

-Hermes bow tie. Can't find Tony's Hermes bow tie, or any Hermes bow ties as it goes. Just seems to underline what an outre style merchant TK is.

-Etro shirt.

So, have managed to get water in my Mac. Its quite bad for them it appears. Its was pronounced dead by lunchtime Saturday. Been surviving on charity and make do am mend since then. Dagnabbit is tough when your gear goes down.

New hardware required.

STUBBS out on off to Apple..