I clocked Mr. Mayombo ambling down Conduit Street. Following a style dearth in town yesterday Mr.M was easy to pick out inhis striking take on relaxed summer smartness. He delivered the fastest Video Stance to date, a man on a casual but firm timetable no doubt. He puts the 'men in colour'/'colour blocking' issue into perspective, with his marvellous tonal statement. Note, pale mustard is not for everyone, but Mr. Mayombo drops it with aplomb and a pair of Largerfeld bins. Dunhill does rather well in his roster. Maybe they should sack Jude and give him a ding?

*I don't know this fella and have learnt important lesson on getting names of VIDEO STANCE subjects correct.  Guessed the spelling, got it wrong, however the man himself corrected me. MR. MAYOMBO'S STANCE

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Dunhill Facet.

-Dunhill linen suit, cricket jumper and Facet watch

-Kenzo scarf

-John Varvatos bag

Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 11.41.13
Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 11.41.13

-Hogan trainers. Likey Hogan trainers, but not everyone gets them or drops them right. Need to be worked in more battered, scruffy fashion, otherwise are rich boring casual tourist fare when worn in The Metropolis. Kalaho is all over this.

-Karl Largerfeld glasses

TS out.