Am filming out and about in NYC today. All day. It's 5.30 a.m. and I've just witnessed the biggest lightening bolts I've ever clapped eyes on from my panoramic corner view from the James Hotel. They go rather well with what the local weather are calling 'thunder storms'. This turn out is of no surprise to me, as we now enter the 17th day of what some people are calling Black June*.

Jaguar XJ.

Talking of black, I wonder what colour my Jaguar XJ is gonna be? Baroness Mingay has played a master stroke and for my time in NYC I shall be 'rolling' in one of these babies, chauffeured up. Not a bad flex for an Englishman in New York with a style agenda and small film crew to pose about in front of. There has been some conjecture about what colour would befit this scene. British Racing Green or a nice navy blue would go well with the Thom Sweeney that I shall be busting. Walters, 'my photographer' (click), says he's not getting in it if its not chrome. No conception. I shall remain style focused as today, is a big day. We are about to shoot the covert mission that has been in the offing for some weeks now.

Thomas and Vicki in relaxed mood.

Maybe the weather will change. If it doesn't, I can cope. Bring it. If Walters keeps complaining I might consider getting a photographer that looks a bit more like Faye Dunaway. They are out there.

Stubbs is out in other metropolis.

*No relation to Black Betty.

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