Am still mourning. Am fine but carry the scares inside. Have developed sun based Tourettes. 'Loser!'  and 'Never!' I bark at the impudent sunshine, amongst other things. A tricky look to pull off with the roof down on the Saab in Mayfair yesterday while collecting finery for Lord O'Leary. Regardless, when I heard 'Just Wanna See His Face' by the Stones on stereo and music from the Moomin's playlists, realised might just not be over yet. I still do want to see peoples faces in the sun, having it to this sort of music, eating cake and enjoying themselves. I'll be back, except next time, I'll be stronger. Forget birthdays, this time I'm going for sponsorship. And I might get my inflatable marquee.

June 5th 2011: Most appropriate STYLE STANCE of the day.

TS in black for June.