Short of mannish birthday gift ideas? Here's a free one. Patek Philippe's (click) Aquanaut is an exceptional looking piece of design that takes its inspiration from its Seventies ascendant, the Nautilus. Released in 1997, The Aquanaut looks dead modern, with finely hewn engineered lines, changes in texture and pattern, and an unusual soft octagonal shape. Its uncle, the Nautilus, is based on a porthole. Differences include the dial which references a globes grid markings, and a tropical rubber, sporty textured strap. Basically is says luxury travel and sporty life. Double cool.

Patek's Aquanaut: The evocatively named 5167 A.

Patek have released a Travel Time version for 2011, with a second time indicator, a date and home/local indicator. A smashing looking piece of kit.

The Patek Travel Time, AKA the 5164 A.

If you fancied dashing out and getting one for someone who's birthday it was, (for example), you'd find there's a sodding waiting list. The cheek. Oh and they cost £12,460 (for the 5167A) and £22,370 (for the 5164A). Maybe that's what the wait is for. So you can save up. "You never really own a Patek", their slogan goes,"You're merely looking after it for the next generation". Yeah, right, you're not really gonna need it anyway, once they cart you off to a care home.

TS out.

Chocolate and rose gold. The 5167 R. £23,340.