Looking for recent pictures to prove a point am about to make about full black tie evening wear. Found this by mistake. Gotta love Depp. Love the fact that he's cool and he dresses like Snufkin out of the Moomins. Love the Moomins. Really I do.

Below is an original Tove Jansson illustration of the Moomin massive, Snufkin on left. Note also, 'Little My'* third from left in front of The Snork Maiden. Snufkin is clean shaven but occasionally sports a goatee which Depp has also adopted.

Am gonna start drawing more Moomin-similes. They are the way forward. Am reading two books at the moment. 'The Master and Margarita' by Mikhail Bulgakov and 'Snufkin's Book of Thoughts' by Tove Jansson. Occasionally the latter can be a trifle hard going, but am gonna persevere.

Stay on board STYLE&ERROR this week for more Moomin style, why black tie might be shite and the battle of the tailors vs. the fashion designers.


* Already mentioned Little My on STYLE&ERROR.