So thought might have a modest little bash to celebrate a minor birthday. Meant to last year but World Cup scuppered plans. My party director/counsellor Lyall Hakaria is pictured below, directing. He suggested a madly chi chi yet urban little roof garden in Dalston. This will be the first bash there in new 'picket-fence' format. He's also 'suggested' a whole roster of other things. Totally invaluable frankly. Never thought I'd find myself shopping for kiddies goody bags on Saturday morning down Dalston market, but I have.

Keeping it breal in A Little of What You Fancy, Kingsland Road. (Breal:real brunch)

Mad Sarah from The Chatsworth Kitchen is doing the spread. Marvellous, let them eat cake. Key spars have compiled commissioned playlists. Exciting. While the Moomin is Director of Music. Naturally. All manner of types have been invited, so let's see what actually does happen. Something will, it's a certainty. The dress code is 'Classic Roof Garden Chic, thus there will be STYLE STANCES to be had. One's own ensemble is a work in progress (see sketch below). Pants were deemed too too wide. No good white ones in whole of W1, so mobilised a sewing Stowaway that I know and now own white carrot pants. I think. All I need now is some suitable gold braid/frogging for my captain's hat, and a couple of extra Romeo y Julieta's and am ready to set sail. All aboard.

STUBBS out all over the shop this morning.