For sartorial blandness at launch of some new showroom thing or other.

These two currently rank numbers 4 and 2 in the F1 championships, which is rather impressive. However, I am compelled to caution both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson 'Devizes Carnival' Button for looking so un-extraordinary at the launch of the new McLaren show room. I'm to be a guest at Silverstone for the Grand Prix, and hope don't get my comeuppance for passing this judgement, but I can't help wanting my racing drivers to be a little more, well, racy. They're both young, in shape, and not short of a bob or two. In which case, this bland turn-out in isn't good enough. They look like two Pseudo Alpha dicks off  The Apprentice. Hamilton's suit is OK, but not with black, dubiously dull shoes and tie. Button's suit is alright too, but then with the straightest of straight grey ties with semi Windsor knot is simply soporific. Too harsh? Is that it fellas? Not good enough, names taken. Am sure that'll unnerve them all the way 'til July 10th when I'm being airlifted (yes airlifted in with Heir Leery) to the Grand Prix. Lads, we're watching you.


NB. Just pulled up for using patois on this post. Was quite tongue in cheeky to be honest, but maybe the fella had a point and have tweaked it.