Shot Herr O'Leary yesterday with his Karmann Ghia. The art director wanted him in a sporty  driver look. They mentioned the dreaded Steve McQueen thing, of course.  Steve McYawn.  Steve Davies is more original and dynamic. Joking. Love a bit of Steve, but he literally always gets dragged up, especially with our boy. Did him in a nice Baracuta Harrington, (the newer waxed cord trimmed version), Polo-neck combo, plus desert boots from Russell & Bromley.

Worked quite nicely in the end, after a fair bit of fannying about and Germanic banter.

Baracuta G9 with trim (click).

Fave look was the last one, which was actually a portrait. Double simple, modern,  luxe and racy.

This little fella is by Hogan and is called City Rush (click). There's a few good ones in the SS2011 collection.  Put it with a white tee shirt by Sunspel and an Hermes cravat foulard (click), inside the neck just protruding and only lightly crossed not tied.

See what I mean? Not like a tie knot (above), but just tucked inside. Works dead well. been doing it quite a bit.

Sunspel plain tee shirts (click) are pretty brilliant as it goes. Got a bit sucked into my Intimissimi myself of recent, but laughing boy reminded me how good these are. Gonna add to this post. There's shoes to discuss for this look, there's accessories, and it's all pretty stylish man stuff, like the TAG Heuer Monaco Chrono (click) he was sporting for the shoot.

However gotta prepare a couple of sea bream that am doing for JW and myself tonight. Not on brand for this post I know, but is reality of E5 life. I do weekend fish. JW does week-day offal. The weeks just fly by.


PS. If you wondered what password protected 'Empty Vessels' post is about, it's sad. Don't go there if you don't want to read something a bit sad. Password is 'keepliving'.

OK (next day), additional stuff: here's the actual Hermes cravat foulard we used, which has a clever repeated anchor pattern. And this is another Hogan jacket, this time in leather. Oh, and the vintage version of the Monaco. Note logo only says Heuer, they dropped the TAG. See next KETTLE-HEAD.

More Hogan outer wear action.
The Hermes cravat foulard, or scarf tie, if you prefer.
Monaco Vintage. Note winder on the right, so as not to dig into wrist when racing. I do hate it when that happens I have to say.