Just finished an article on tailoring. Although the thrust of the piece was about a specific and pivotal element of this sphere, what's become apparent is that fashion designers are giving tailors a run for their money on the cutting and style level.  Meanwhile 'proper' tailors are making some quite notable forays into very stylish, almost fashion led tailored looks. We are witnessing the battle of the cutters. Its the sartorial equivalent of Church vs. State.

Hardy Amies AW 11/12

Am thinking this might be a good way to launch TAILORSCAPE, a category that is all about constructed mens style. Traditional tailors are of course the church, and the thrusting modernisers are the state. Although there will be no winner, the action of the two is pushing things forward.

Dries Van Noten AW 11/12

Tailoring enthusiasts, brace yourselves.

Stubbs out.