I've said it before. Blue leather accessories can be so damn double chic it's excruciating. This particular one has me in style rapture.

Its a belt, in an special stretchy plait with leather buckle and end. Not only that, it's from Charvet. It is a gift from a dear friend. Thank you so much The Baroness of luxury style, La' Mingay. Long may you reign.

Charvet (click) are the Parisan shirt maker whose founder effectively invented the shirt. He revolutionised production and design, liberated shirts from billowy, shapeless affairs and opened for business in 1838. They're on Place Vendome and their shop is fully mental and a must visit for luxury style devotees. There's floors of  shirts, ties, silk stuff and all sorts of finery. Visit and get involved.

Meanwhile, the blue leather accessory sub-trend continues to be a strong one. Put it with black and get well Parisian.

TS out.