Instead of going to Hop Farm to see Iggy, Lou and Mozza, I went to Goodwood and had a hoot with the watch massive, TAG Heuer. Super model and car journo David Gandy was on board. If Dave's doing all this writing now, it only seemed appropriate to contrive a bit of  job swappage. After a couple of glasses I had a 'Blue Steel-off' with Gandy himself. I think the images rather speak for themselves, but I'll run you through the highlights.

Round I. Stubbs vs. Gandy, Spencer Hart vs. Dolce&Gabbana, on set of Alzheimers vs. County Cricket player. Point to DG.

Round II.  Just as Gandy makes the basic error of letting off a wholesome-PR-friendly smile  in the second bout, I hit him with my new creation,  'Simmering Codger'. The crowd went berserk. I took the point.

I'll  not publish the deciding shot 'till its gone through Dave's legal department, but all I can say is the man's a shadow of his former self now. Dont worry geez', it happens to the best of us. There's always Milan in five and a half months time. We can have another go then.

Stubbs out.