Got a document in front of me that is the BRDC dress code. The no doubt impenetrable British Racing Drivers Club. Reason being going to the Grand Prix with the TAG Heuer crew tomorrow lead by the fragrant Baroness Mingay. Matey off the telly is coming too, with his super stylish girlfriend, (a veritable young Margo Ledbetter in McQueen), in a helicopter. In my role of Style Consigliere I must have the code cracked good and proper. Last weekend's events at Goodwood were more relaxed and got away with interpreting posh day wear to a satisfactory personal level. Tomorrow's do is a lot more stringent. It stipulates you've got to 'meet the letter and the spirit of the dress code'. Spirit eh? Interesting.

Interesting as it's an opportunity to illustrate that men's style all goes on without a v.tight confine. We're all basically wearing the same gear, it's just which versions, which combo and what details you drop that defines your look. I'll do to the letter, but never the spirit. Not theirs. E.g. all the clubby type posh blokes wear chinos or white jeans. The baggy ones look properly awful. Nice narrow ones, nay tight, and you're back in the stylish remit. Many of them wear loafers. I love a loafer, but don't want to look like a braying Sloane. Thus need to select a connoisseur's flamboyant yet subtle pair. See what I mean? Menswear is all about breaking the code from within, your way.


-Don't wear the very short frayed scruffy shorts that had in mind. Such a shame. (expressly banned)

 -Get Jack Russell paw print out of toe of Fratelli Rossetti (click) canvas tassel loafers, (as received last Sunday lunchtime). Not going well to be frank. ('muddy/oily' also expressly banned)

-Doesn't mention smart blazers, so gonna wear one. Beat them at their own game by flexing brilliant pert, short DB affair by Ferragamo. (NB. Not Bryan, Salvatore)

-Select watch, making sure it's TAG Heuer. In my case that'll be my Monza Chrono then. I do have a case of Heuer kettles with me, weirdly, as role of Style Consig'. Check.

-Ensure off white Raf  jeans are oil free and pressed to buggery. Come to think of it, they're more like jeggings, of which there is no mention. Check.

-Did consider my orange race suit from my time as driver back in the day. It's not oily, but perhaps mildewy, of which there is no mention. However, definitely would want to 'wear slashed to waist in Clubhouse', so maybe not.

-'No 'T' or collarless shirts'. Meaning tee shirts. Shame, as like a 'T' with a blazer. But here I shall compromise.  Will steam my vintage Mugler leather cutaway. Check.

-Lastly it says 'Please do not embarrass yourself by failing to meet this standard'. Embarrassment? I've built a whole brand on embarrassing myself via style. Am now virtually immune. They've got a point though. No matter who you are, it's always better to not be getting it obviously wrong. Over or underdressing, non-matching shoes, forgetting it's black tie/wife etc. It's best to be on side, to the letter but subtly out of order. Check.

See you on the other side of the track, where think smells like 'Team Spirit'.

Stubbs out. Check.

Keeping it car-free at Goodwood festival of louche.