Been styling actress Alysson Paradis this week for pal's film. After inadvertently styling her as her at a party, I got my head round the rock'n'roll agro chic  as actually required by role, and decided on a sheer clingy dress thing in black with a smaller black tube dress underneath both from American Apparel. It will work well with little leather jacket I got from PRPS. Moment of clarity came when dropped the heels idea and went looking for brothel creepers. The Moomin said it sounded like her kind of outfit, which means it's good.

Found these leopard babies on ASOS (click). I wore an almost identical pair to a wedding in South London in 1983. They were from Robot. The bride has never let me forget it. Am thinking of revisiting. (The style, not the bride). Skinny black jeans, grey shirt with top button done up and a brooch. Hm. This was probably the coolest I ever got. Down hill ever since.

When I first tried the done up top button shirt thing, peers laughed. It was then I realised it was the right thing. The young are all at it now. I've used it recently quite a bit too, both personally and in style, teamed with a Brazilian charm necklace from Zoe & Morgan. No diamante this time. There's no point at all in banging on to the young about the fact that you did it twenty five year ago. They don't care. Think we were referencing the Fifties back then in the Eighties. Not sure what am referencing now.

Considering getting another pair, for post modern posterity, you understand.