Went Mr. Hare (click) sample sale today, in search of fantastic footwear. Regrettably, I found it. Two-fold.

Onyx loafer in black leather. End of line at end of season. A must have loafer?

Brilliant looking loafer that wrote about in FT HTSI (click) . It's inspired by the White Cube gallery in St. James (see Mr. Hare quote in piece). I bigged it up big time. Even quoted Gandhi in that article. Seemed very relevant. Doesn't seem that Mahatma on a frugality level. They're £150 from an original P of £440.

Onyx loafer in blue, yes blue, eel skin. Soon to be rare groove. Another must have?

Thing is, my policy on acquiring shoes when they are 'right' is go in hard. Should I put my money where my mouth is and get both, or is that a foot in mouth move?

Gonna sleep on it. In the morning it will be clear if is an hare and the eel scenario. Maybe.  Any suggestions welcome. And donations in fact.

TS in/out/not sure.