There's nothing like a crisis to test out burgeoning style trends if you ask me. What to wear in a 'Shit Storm' was the burning sartorial question on team Murdoch's collective mind yesterday. The answers were numerous. 'Separates and conquer', thinks Rupert, in non-matching jacket combo? Directional stuff. Meanwhile,  both Murdochs abandon neck wear and swap spectacles in relaxed subterfuge ploy.

As News Corporation's £8 billion bid for BSkyB is about to be withdrawn, the crew opt to demonstrate their nonchalance and go tieless: Really power brokers don't wear ties.

He might be being led away like a befuddled senior, but Rupe is sporting the most recent menswear smart trend for tailored separates. His 'Look, I'm in England' plaid jacket is teamed masterfully with some crisp, dark trousers, non-matching suitable on numerous levels. It's a look that says relaxed, deconstructed and in control of my empire. Perfect for a the media scrum they find themselves rucking amongst.

Earlier this week Rupert louchely demonstrated his passion for prestige sportswear. While Murdoch challenges the balance between dressing like an infant curved on the back seat and still appearing in charge, his headgear/hosiery combo however might ask questions about the tycoon's grasp on the situation. As the Murdoch's less media savvy relation on U.S. television, H.M Murdoch, once famously stated, "I don't feel too good, I feel sane!" Is this a pattern we see emerging?

Tom Stubbs, In The Metropolis, for Style&Error, out.