Radcliffe misses point of vest, over buttons, then drops the dreaded 'bar-bomb'.

Seems harsh, but Raddo has missed a trick here. If you're wearing a vest - you're dressed, and should leave jacket open. Would have allowed him looking so trussed up, but for paraphernalia such as tricksy spread button-down shirt and provincial wedding style tie bar. Tie bars really are quite naff now. Post Mad Men fixation, (half decade long touchstone of  'cool'),  they're almost a complete no-go. A bar-bar should be enforced. I walked past the queue of would be Sir Alan's TV Apprentices yesterday outside Talkback Thames TV. A more harrowingly unstylish selection of Alpha-Pillocks in Jekyll suits you will seldom see. It was as if they were giving tie bars away free with every massive frappuccino brandished. Stay well clear I counsel.

Shame about booking the little wizard man, as it's quite a reasonable suit, but rules are rules. He's free to play next match mind, just go steady with the uptight moves. If he needs some ideas on loosening up, perhaps should check Mr. Pacino playing Phil Spector below, in the new biopic, Wall Of Sound.

At first I thought it was Paul McCartney circa Sergeant Pepper in a remake of On The Buses. But then I clocked double Albert watch chain and fundamentalist fan badges applied to dishevelled vest, teamed with blue tint bins. Excellent off road-map stuff Alan.

Daniel, maybe a fresh mood board would help. I could recommend a couple of chaps?