Not technically a Style Referee scenario. More of a Steward's Enquiry. Looking at Mr.Cave and Mr.Kane's outfits for the Mojo Awards one notices there might be a pattern emerging. I don't object to either looks, as Cave has been at it for years in this 'cocktail-austere' manner. Meanwhile Kane's is pushing the boundaries of tailoring into that of triathlon performance compatible evening wear. As you were gentleman.

Adams Family Stone.

Mile Kane: Britain's biggest hope for the Triathlon evening events, cycling/posturing/cavorting stages.

Mr.Wall: Cocktail fusion visionary.

However, combine some key style elements of Mojo award styling, and we see that Max Wall was a forerunner of this evening stance. The sweep back, the 'dynamic' evening pant and the future patent flipper boots. Narrow pants take looks into more stylish territory, while embracing you shifting hair line can work well, but caution should also be in the equation as Wall quotient increases.

Tune in to (as my Mother insists on saying) Style & Error for more developments some time after they actually happened.

TS out.

PS. We all know who channelled austere evening garb to greatest effect, no? Shall bash a post out about his esteemed Thinness tomorrow.