And this time it really is a biggy. It's the wedding of the year, yes, including that one in April. Stretch marries Martha tomorrow at Butley Prior, Suffolk hold tight. I saw Toby's full outfit Saturday. The Sexton, the Emmett, the Rolex Day Date in gold, the lot. He, looks, magnificent. It's quite the best bit of style action can remember being involved with. Bought his Almonds from Selfridges yesterday, the finishing touch. He's even made a half Albert vest pocket chain. Was gonna do a string of grenades, but I suggested as it was a big day, how about going for the tablet motif he's developed. A chain of pills in 18crt yellow gold. Nice touch.

Am gonna bring some wedding special Style Stances back from Suffolk, but for now. This is the modest venue. They only wanted a low key affair.

More later.


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