This was a new thing for me. Two hours of meet, greet and style banter with fashion people who I've only stared at from across the runway (US vs US) at fashion shows for a decade and a half. Also on the guest roster was a load of opinion forming, edgy and clued up New York style bods. A couple of old pals came too, to see if there'd been some mistake. It was all quite exhilarating frankly. I believed in what we've done, so talking about it was double straight forward. No time to bang on at length at mo'. My boss from INC bowled in, liked my outfit so much, she vetoed the three piece and was spared shame of being outstyled by the younger professional that is Elijah (to my right in picture). My boys were pretty, pretty good, I have to say. Even give it a bit of group Blue Steel at the end.

Team INC Blue Steeling it. Mine is more Blue Stroke.

Serious stuff: Ultimate Boss to right.

New signing: Not as serious.

My glamour squad, or part of it, from Mint hairdressers.

Gonna put more of the campaign images tomorrow should you be interested. Then there's the little film we made too. A serious documentary, (or cock-umentary if you will), about my operation in New York.


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