One thing a man should never underestimate is the importance of matching one's wash bag to one's watch. It's properly pivotal. Have identified and acquired new stealth wash bag from Calabrese (click). Got it from Harvery Nichs (Clickage).

Now am thinking what watch would really function stylishly along side it. Well, it's a special forces affair by the Italian watch merchant Panerai, rather obviously don't you reckon?

The Eight Days Ceramica 45mm should be all I need for my mission to Puglia. It's a little known fact that the Italian special forces who wore the original Panerai models, also went into action with night mission toilet bags, including special undetectable Acqua Di Parma 'Stealth Scents'. But, things have just got more complicated. I shall explain later, but just now the compound's being over run by itinerant lunatics, some without watches or deodorant on at all. I have to.. Christ..I'm being...

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