Am back on the heel of boot that is Italia, and this time it's serious. Well, serious-ish.  Am gonna post about style when out here in Puglia, but also about life and style combined. There is one matter of Italian related style I'd like to mention. Heard of Anna Dello Russo? Course you have. Well, A.D.R. and I have just become the Editors At Large for Macys I.N.C (click). She is what you should probably call my better half, and she can't half run, I'll give her that much. She's got a few opinions about style too. If you wanna see what we've been up to click on link about. Made a little film and everything (click). An Englishman in New York would be one way of describing it. Cavorting  joker poses about in Jag would be another. Have a shufty. It was a hoot making it.

Anna Dello Russo: Italian enough for you? (click)

Meanwhile, this is a slice of our pal Nigel's gaff in Puglia. Nice lighting Nigel. Nice. The shot of the 'porch' isn't so exciting. However, it does allow me to do a painting  joke, last line only. Man who is doing odd jobs for rich fella: "I finished painting your porch sir. But by the way, it's not a porch, it's a Ferrari".

Stubbs out for coffee.

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