Arrived a tad late, hippy style (Jac, mother of groom aboard) last night, so stayed at country pub with the McLellan clan till last orders, drinking only two glasses of wine. What sort of wine did they do I asked? "Small, Medium and Large." was the reply. Personally I do love a drop of the old Medium, so went for that. I got a call from Jeremy, my first B&B host at 9.30pm. He was concerned. Apparently protocol dictates you arrive before midnight at a country B&B, before 7.30pm in fact. "Its all on the web site" he told me. Whoops. Rally driving through Suffolk avoiding deer is exhilerating, especially with no reception and thus no map. Found it though. 12.15am, which I think is pretty reasonable for a city dweller.

In the morning I apologied of course, and told him to log on to Style&Error: Its all on the website. There is no reception here. Shudder.

This is what I'm wearing, with a suit and all that too, naturally. People want a tie?! I'll give you a tie. Vintage Pucci OK? Am in with B&B II now. Pete&Sue. They seem to understand me. Pete even owned a Tommy Nutter. Bullseye. Taxi!

I will be back with stuff.

TS out of reception at the reception.

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