Tonight is my unveiling bash in NYC. Sounds unlikely I know. A meet and greet for the style press of NYC with the new Macy's INC Editor at Large. Me. Poor sods, I hear you cry, and I'd have to sympathise. Quite mad to be doing this when the roads in Hackney I ran up on Sunday evening in the rain, Mare Street and Clarence Road, are now  front lines of an urban war. Feel a bit sick, very anxious and I have to say gutted to not be there to witness. All too weird to just get reports from news and friends. What can you do? Strength London. The show must go on etc. The style press are gonna come down to this gaff called Parlor, on Spring St., and see what my pals at INC and I have been up to. The clobber is pretty damn good frankly, so all had to do was show stuff in best light. These are some of the images that my boy Jake Walters (clickage) and I shot when we were on our last mission to NYC.  The model Isaac is a ringer for the young Elvis, no? This three piece suit am putting on two men tonight.

One is the model Elijah we cast yesterday (below), in the roll neck version of the ensemble. The other is me. Am gonna wear it different, obviously, and am gonna brief him to not look better. I mean, what's he got that I haven't, except youth, good looks, plenty of hair? Natural poise maybe. Apart from that though? Christ. Better pull something pretty, pretty stylish out the bag. Nice three piece though, eh. There are twelve other looks which I shan't be 'Twinning' with.

Elijah vs. Stubbs in three piece vest off tonight at 6pm.

Better go and start sartorial prep. Gulp. Check list: Press shirt, check, bring shoes, check, bring all the shoes, check...

TS out in the other Metropolis.

PS. Hold tight London, please don't burn down. I love you too, too much.

This outfit is dedicated to the one they call Stretch. Love and manners. x

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