It's not looking madly good for Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi this morning. He's still urging people to rise up, which demonstrates some misguided spirit at least, but that is about all that's left. He wants to go steady as he breezes out of the Tripoli area, especially in some of the get ups he's been seen wearing in the last year or so. Some verging upon Camila Batmanghelidjh territory, others teeter toward 'mad lefty ceramics tutor'. It'd be awful to be executed in something embarrassing, don't ya think? This military ensemble was dropped when he was still looking pretty much in charge of his faculties/facilities. That ol' military thing; always on the mens roster, always a strong look.

Yesterday The Sunday Times Magazine ran a story on another leading exile, Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano-Guillen, or John Galliano as he was actually born. He'd been at the helm of the biggest fashion house in the world for over a decade with his double close pal, support and fashion lieutenant Steven Robinson. When Robinson died from drugs in 2007 John started to unravel a bit, and a bit more publicly, until eventually staging his own mental evacuation from political reason earlier this year. It's not just signs of madness and Daliesque facial hair arrangements that link the two. This vintage naval ensemble suggests he was very much at the wheel of his destiny at this point. Now look at the poor bugger: Crazed and lost as street entertainer without his spinning bobbin on a string.

The two Gs are complete mentalists for very different reasons, but both exiled from their respective worlds, both who knew the importance of a potent outfit, particularly a peak hat. Where did it go wrong? When they abandoned the Captain's peaked hat perhaps. What will Galliano  wear to the sentencing day of his trial on 8th September? Power-dress it out, or play the meek-style card? Wonder if Gaddifi will have copped a capture by then, and if so, what will he be wearing?

These questions can only be answered in the fullness of time, but until then, what we can draw from this is do not underestimate the impact of a military peaked hat.

TS out.

PS. While drawing up packing itinerary for Puglia next week, cannot rule out a Captain's hat at this stage. Why not give yourself the best possible chance, is what I'm inclined to say.

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