Frequent Style&Error commentator/supporter, Mr Vincent Ian Pinner, has requested a good look at my ring after glimpsing it during one of the videos. It's by my close pal Toby McLellan (click-mans) the jeweller. It's a cross between a signet and a pinkie, sort of leery heritage style. I've got an 18 crt gold one and a silver version. The silver has been engraved with the Stubbs family emblem, the sulking tiger.

The tiger motif was given to an heroic Stubbs by Henry the VI for generally showing off and ingratiating himself with the King. Packing for NYC mission, so can't unearth hard facts till later, but will.


Lord Stubbington.

PS. It absolutely went off in the comments section over the last Video Stance, mainly sparked by that trouble maker Ferragamo returning from Cape Cod. Proper abuse flying about. I actually thought most of it was quite funny, but people are getting a bit serious considering we are really just 'talking trousers'. Check it.

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