Today is all about procrastination by colour. Actually still double busy with all manner of stuff. The X Thingy launches today with it's own red carpet affair at the O2 garden centre/arena, so matey needs a red carpet look. This is of the highest importance, naturally. Even I get a chauffeured car, and I just hold the roller. Thing is, Stretch's wedding is less than two weeks away, and we're still casting for a tie.

His suit is by Edward Sexton, naturally, it's a big occasion, and for the fitting we went with this tie above. As Stretch's real life stance mixes things up a bit, we've been considering a tie that would throw something a bit off key into the mix. Yellowish/goldish/something ...

I'll do the boy O'Leary's red carpet look in just a tick. Really I will. Am thinking new Dries Van Noten, one of the two. Dead modern. Must tell you about those...just look at these ties though, (Car comes at 10am, so be quick).

This is actually vintage Sexton that  Toby found. Maybe baby. I like it.

These fellas were found on she-bay, not all strictly yellow/gold you will note:


Also Missoni


Even more Versace


Stretch has some other options too. These might be too, too mental for the occasion and also might not show above the vest, but interesting though. A couple of press ups and am on the case for the red carpet stuff. Really I am.

Stubbs on it.



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