Wore my fully blown Edward Sexton (click) number to wedding on Saturday. With massive peak lapels, pagoda-like shoulders and ice-dance style flares a suitably high octane look for Brighton Marina, no? More interesting sartorial side-effects were noted, just like every other occasion you drop Sexton.

For example, meeting quite extreme characters such as....acutally not gonna mention names, as one's got into trouble with this sort of 'Loudmout'' behaviour in past. Such as...let's call him 'Jimmy'. Anyway Jimmy, whose accent would span between deep Jamaican Patois to Cockney/Croydon fusion in most single sentences, found the three piece Sexton very evocative of memories of his past endeavours into evening bashment style. He banged on at length in his duo-dialect to most informative effect. He also assumed without hesitation I was 'bredrin', and a member of the 'inner circle' family/crew for sporting such an ensemble. All this without an introduction. Sexton himself speaks a language many different types of fella are conversant in.

Another effect observed was that later in the dance floor based melee, my suit seemed to become a magnet for misplaced beer sloshes. Maybe its the wider silhouette/bigger target area, but no sooner had one dried out, than stumble/nudge and I was re-emblazoned with Stella or Redstripe. Spent some time sponging the thing down in the garden yesterday. That's one of the great things about couture. You can throw beer over it, and is lifts out nicely, where if was factory made you'd be screwed. Still, not ideal.

Note the new dark navy shirt from Emmett (click) by my boy Nash Masood . It's called a Lord collar. Nash explains "I have changed the collar stitching from 5mm to 3mm, and used a very soft lining to give it a very Armani Feel. Although the guys in the photo (see below) are wearing a softer and pointier collar, the inspiration comes from this image". You'd be surprised the difference 2mm makes to a collar stich. Trust me.

At the Civil Ceremony, Grooms third and fifth from left respectively.

Shirt teamed with a bit of gold from Zoe&Morgan (necklace) and Toby McLellan (signet ring). Also, original style Gucci green/red webbing black snaffle loafers garnered much abuse from my young companions, as were poking out from flares like I 'had my Dad's shoes on', according the them. Some people, eh?

Stubbs out in the garden with a sponge (not quite so Armani).

Bianca & Mick Jagger in Sexton in St.Tropez 1971

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