Arrived home in the early hours and found that the corrugated ceramic lamp shade that I bought from Heals after I turfed Evil Sue out of my flat in 2004 had exploded. It was a symbolic purchase, along with a matching standard lamp. I promised self would put it up when I got a place of my own. Very symbolic. Lighting, single minded decisions, looking forward optimistically. All that stuff. Only took another six years before I did. I wrote about it in an amusing way in The Sunday Times Style and garnered all manner of benefits.

Now its exploded, violently, what can that possibly mean? Shards of ceramic were scattered all over the hall.  Fingers bled in the darkness. What can it mean? It means go and get another, better one you pillock. It also means can justify  wearing my C.P. Company goggle beanie at all times, in case of further lighting based explosions. It makes perfect sense on this jarred and dislocated morning.

The goggle beanie affords a certain special head space. While wearing it am gonna have a rethink about what's going on with Style&Error. Have a roster of things wanna post, but need to re-style, sharpen and sweep up the shards. Metaphorically obviously.


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