I am a simple man of simple, luxurious and occasionally ridiculous taste. One of the most gratifying things that have managed to achieve in the last year is dual bathroom cabinets. One is in fact a cellar cabinet. It's the next big thing in cellar style, trust me. Working the dual-cabinet effect allows one to keep the main, show cabinet edited to the a point of heightened stylistic indulgence. Someone described my cabinet as 'Very American Psycho' the other day, of which I am naturally very proud.

Second shelf down is where the real glamour is kicking off, you'll note, the scent division. Left to right, Hermes Vetiver Tonka, Tom Ford Italian Cypress, Tom Ford, Acqua Di Parma Colonia. That's it. Told ya was a simple chap.

All the boring stuff like plasters, Johnnies and Nightnurse lives below deck. Talking of American Psycho, Edward Sexton sent me an excerpt  when his Sexton's suit gets a shout out during some mad lurid sex scenario. Gonna start a Style&Error version, where we list great tracts of garmage and accessories in less mental settings perhaps. Sort of Clapton Socio'. To be developed soon.

Stubbs out.

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