Was with the boy O'Leary yesterday shooting first stages of Boot Camp for The X Factory. They put us in a tower in a Croydon country club in The Maurice Chevalier suite. Quite appropriate in an odd way. Scenes such as this ensued except I was measuring widths of chinos, not busts.  Similar poses though.

Dermot demanded I think outside the box shirt wise. Outside the box? You'll be in an RAF (as in Simons) brown paper concept shirt if you want out of the box baby. He even accused me of becoming a company man. Pah!

He looked dead dapper in the end, naturally: narrow Marc Jacobs Chinos, Russell&Bromley suede desert boots and neat little striped shirt from Acne. Gotta do four looks this week. Is amazing how bloody hard that can be to be different but in same format. Best laid plans get scuppered when your client/muse spends a week in Nardo getting in shape, more trim and wearing  overtly snug chinos. Comes back and the old styles feel too, too relaxed. Too, 'country club'. Dagnabbit. It's back to the Metropolis with my tape measure and credit card...

TS out.

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