Breaking S&E protocol, tailoring legend and Prince of Suave Edward Sexton, takes his Stance into a new realm of sartorial master class. He always was a rebel, even back in his Army days. He broke all rules in tailoring too with his pal Tommy Nutter, and that went down in history.  His stance here is all his own work bar the shoes and tie, and I forgot to ask where they were from. But I will. We always end up talking about all sorts, very often not the project we're supposed to be on. Today the conversation went from the Lennon boys, through Mark Ronson to Naomi Campbell, Edward's new client, without him changing tone or position at all. Even-handed genius doesn't even begin to cover it. He's a unique operator: An egalitarian couturier.

Three piece Donegal tweed. Somehow racy, certainly elegant. The finishing and styling are strong and harmonious. What can one say? Am proud to be part of the Sexton family. Got some special footage of Sexton and Stretch together in last stages of wedding suit creation. Pretty mental stuff I don't mind telling you. Stay tuned.

Stubbs is out in the Metropolis.