Now back from the heel of boot have hit the ground shooting, writing and, er, dancing. Is all double fine of course, but no time to bang about anything. Looking for a suitably louche stance to go with this look we plan to shoot, on a girl dancing with me. Although I've not cast her yet, I pity her already. Also pity choreographer. JW couldnt get Michael Clark. He's busy dagnabbit.

Thinking Fred and Ginger at Studio 54. Might work. White tie. Check. Not right though. Might just look like old duffer in white tie. Studio 54 Sevenities evening/cocktail to go with, not on board...  Could use the Sexton?..Also thinking A. Sauvage, Tom Ford or maybe Gucci double impact. Lanvin appear to be blanking me. And after all I said. Take it back. It is Bowie through a hedge backwards.

TS out in Metropolis on the hunt for something to go with..

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